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No information provided by Brett Christensen, his website or those under his employ should be construed as a guarantee of specific lending results at your financial institution.

You should always evaluate and take into account your credit union’s individualized requirements and current needs before making any lending decisions and we disclaim any warranty or liability for actions you may take as a result of access to our site. Brett Christensen’s advice should not take the place of good judgment and sound policy execution made by those in charge of the credit union’s direction and growth.

Brett’s advice and recommendations are his best educated opinion on current trends and cause/effect relationships he has observed in the credit union industry. Your paid subscription and use of this website and any actions you may take as a result of articles, information or materials provided on it constitute an acknowledgement of your acceptance of this Agreement. In addition to this Agreement's provisions in our Terms of Use Section and TPrivacy Policy, the following provisions relate to this website’s advice on lending matters:

1. Although any data shown on our website is gathered from sources we consider reliable, we offer no guarantee of its accuracy, or imply any warranty and accept no liability in the manner for which the content is used. You agree that any actions you take based on access to our website are your sole responsibility.

2. Outcomes are often subject to considerable risks, up to and including loans at your credit union that will go bad. There is no guarantee that any general information or recommendations offered on our website will achieve your particular credit union’s financial objectives or that results will be favorable. Illustrations used by Brett Christensen of past credit union performance of particular strategies should not be taken as a sole and reliable indicator of the future, but only as a potential outcome that may be to some extent supported by evidence.


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