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Front-line Lender &
Lending Management Workshops

Access to over 4 years
of advice columns

Onsite Training & Consulting
Education Products


CU Lending Advice ?

We work directly with credit unions in the U.S. and Canada
teaching and consulting on various lending topics to professionals
that work in the credit union industry.


Brett's Online

Consulting Service

Access to over 4 years of Advice Columns for $495 per year
you will have access to:
Monthly Advice Columns
Our "Ask Brett" Feature
Archive of Lending Questions
Monthly Loan Sample
Monthly Sales Tip
Periodic Success Stories
20% Discount On All Training Products

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Premium Content Login

Premium Content Login

Online Lending Service

Online Lending Service

Training Products

Training Products

Training and Speaking Schedule

Training & Speaking Schedule

Your Online Lending Consultant
How Brett Can Assist Your Credit Union
  • Interviewing & Sales Training
  • Underwriting Skills Training
  • FICO Score Training
  • Bad Loan Review
  • Collection Review
  • Lending Process Improvement
  • Loan Policy & Product Design Review
  • Variable Pay Plans
  • Board Member Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Increase Employee Productivity
Current Events